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Requirements for article publication in the journal "Caucasus Studies"


Articles should have the following exact structure:

  • UDC (The Universal Decimal Classification) indexes or PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) type codes;
  • Title of the article, author's name, surname, academic degree, job title and its address, position, e-mail address and mobile phone number;
  • "Keywords" (not less than 6 words and phrases in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages);
  • In the "Annotation" section (not less than 200 words) brief information on the content of the article should be provided;
  • Relevance of the topic in the "Introduction" should be justified, issues discussed in the section "Text" (under division of subheadings) should be detailed in the sections and analyzed; in the "Conclusion" the author's scientific findings, theoretical and practical significance of the research, the scientifically grounded recommendations should be made in accordance with the character of the science field and the article;
  • There should be referring to scientific sources related to the subject matter. Sources in "The Reference list" should be numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text (for example, [1] or [1, s.120]). If scientific source is repeated elsewhere in the text, it should be indicated by the previous number.

 Requirements to registration of articles:

  • The article should be arranged in A4 (210 x 297mm), Times New Roman - 12, line spacing 1, margins- up and down 25mm, left and right 20mm in Microsoft Word Office;
  • Title should be capitalized and first letter of subheadings should be written in a capital letter, bold type and numbered. Before and after headings and subheadings, tables and pictures, single line spacing should be released. Pages should be numbered sequentially in the lower right corner.
  • The table and the illustrations must be titled, and the name should be written in the right corner on the table for the tables, placed in the left corner under the shape for the pictures, followed by the word "table" and "picture" sequentially numbered in Arabic numerals. Headings for tables and pictures should be typed in bold, with the first letters capitalized. Table columns should be short, units should be indicated in the brackets. Images should be in electronic format "jpg", "tiff", CMYK color model, not less than 300 dpi, graphic illustrations should be submitted in one of the Word, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW and PowerPoint applications.

Article length:

Articles should be 8-10 pages in length.

Format of "The Reference list":

The information about each reference in the Reference list should be full, accurate and in original language. The bibliographic description of the source should be based on its type (monograph, textbook, scientific article, etc.). The name of the article, report or thesis should be cited when referring to scientific articles, materials, or theses of symposium, conference or other authoritative scientific events. In the bibliographic description of the referenced source, the requirements of sections 10.2-10.4.6 of the "The Reference list" in the "Rules for the formulation of dissertations" of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of Azerbaijan Republic should be taken as a basis.

All sources referred in the text, together with the page numbers, should be listed in the "Reference list” as following:

a) Books:

Adilov M.İ., Həsənov İ.C. Qloballaşma və milli mənəvi dəyərlər. Bakı: “Elm”, 2012, - 476pg.

b) Journals:

Şixəliyev E.İ. Ermənilərin “din” strategiyasının əsas istiqamətləri. // “Strateji təhlil” jurnalı, №7(35), Bakı: “Elm”, 2013, pg. 32-45.

c) Refer to article in collections (conference, symposium and other):

“Azərbaycan iqtisadiyyatında keçid dövrünün başa çatması: təhlil və nəticələr. Milli inkişaf modelinin formalaşması problemləri”. / Respublika elmi-praktiki konfransının materialları. Bakı: “Şərq-Qərb”, 2010, pg. 314-316.

ç) Dissertations and abstracts:

Məmmədov H.B. Azərbaycan Respublikası müasir beynəlxalq siyasi proseslərin aktoru kimi. Elmlər doktoru dissertasiyasının avtoreferatı, Bakı: “Elm”, 2013, -44pg.

d) Archival documents:

Azərbaycan Xalq Cümhuriyyəti Xarici İşlər Nazirliyinin notası. 05.04.1920/Azərbaycan Respublikası Dövlət Arxivi (ARDA), fund 870, list 1,work 144, sheet 15.

e) Internet sources (Links to internet pages must be in full form, with the date, month, year, and date of use):

http://www.stat.gov.az/#  (15.11.2013) / 2013-cü ilin yanvar-oktyabr aylarında ölkənin iqtisadi və sosial inkişafının makroiqtisadi göstəriciləri.

Editorial Guidelines:

Articles (printed and electronic versions) should be submitted by the author to the editorial office (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, H.Javid av. 31,4th floor, room 448) with an extract from the relevant protocol of the scientific meeting and two reviews.

The manuscript must be signed by the author and the date of its submission to the editorship should be indicated;

The articles can also be sent to the journal’s e-mail (caucasusstudiesjournal@mail.ru). 

For further information: (012) 539 89 91