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Russian-Azerbaijani relations against the background of regional processes

Alimusa Ibrahimov

The article analyzes the current state of Russian-Azerbaijani relations against the background of regional processes. The author emphasizes the greater role the two presidents - Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Putin in the expansion of mutually beneficial relations.

The article discussed in detail the development of Russian-Iranian-Azerbaijan format of regional cooperation. The author also discussed the impact of the Russian-Turkish rapprochement on regional processes.

Russian-Azerbaijani relations, being multifaceted in terms of scope, can also be described as a system of regional and global links. In all spheres, cooperation is steadily developing and acquiring new qualitative features. Among the factors contributing to the development of mutually beneficial partnership relations, the deepening of ties in the scientific, technical, humanitarian and economic spheres, mutual visits in these areas is of particular importance. Along with this, one of the most important areas of Russian-Azerbaijani cooperation is trade relations. Russia occupies the third place in the trade turnover and the first place in the import of Azerbaijan. The two countries have a free trade regime, which creates extensive opportunities for the development of trade and business relations.

The Azerbaijani-Russian Interregional Forum makes a special contribution to the development of bilateral relations. The regularly held Azerbaijan-Russia Interregional Forum has become a new stage in the development of bilateral relations and plays the role of a bridge for their strengthening.

The article notes that the processes taking place in the CIS space, especially in the South Caucasus region, are seriously affected by Russian-Turkish relations. The rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow has recently paved the way for analysts to propose different forecasts. It is possible that this process will affect the global policy as a whole. Improving the relations between Russia and Turkey can cause noticeable changes at the global and regional levels, stimulate very interesting geopolitical processes in the Middle East and the South Caucasus. The US and the EU refer to the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey with a considerable amount of jealousy.

Keywords: Keywords: cooperation, regional security, foreign politics, international relations, stability, partnership

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