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Aynur Azimzade

Following the declaration of independence, along with the political and economic crises in Armenia, severe demographic crises also emerged, and this process intensified with each passing day. As Armenia is a mono-ethnic state, the cultures and languages of minorities are suppressed here. Some Armenian media outlets calling for the concept of "one nation, one religion, and one culture" can lead to ethnic minorities being viewed as religious minorities and leading to accusations of striking Armenian statehood. As stated in the report of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities by the Council of Europe, Armenia is violating the norms of international human rights and minority rights. The country is pursuing a policy of ethnic discrimination against the Jews. AntiSemitism has become a state policy in Armenia. Although Armenia recognizes the Jewish genocide, Armenian society still has a cruel and deep hatred against jews in this country. According to international organizations, Armenia is the most anti-semitic country in Eastern Europe. (32%)

Keywords: Armenia, South Caucasus, antisemitism, Jews, Holocaust

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